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LS1-8597 Pre amplier - Line stage

LS1-8597 Pre amplier - Line stage

This mono circuit board is designed to work with our CA1MB pre-amplifier mainboard. For optimum results, four boards are required to provide and input buffer and output for each channel.The boards have onboard, split rail, regulated power supplies.&n..


LS1-B Pre amplier - Buffer

LS1-B Pre amplier - Buffer

This mono circuit board is designed to work with our CA1MB pre-amplifier mainboard. The pre amplifier can be configured with zero gain, using four buffer boards. This provides a great solution when the main objective is ensuring high input imped..


CA1MB - Pre Amplifier Main Board

CA1MB - Pre Amplifier Main Board

A modular pre-amplifer that affords huge flexibility by accommodating various types of modules according to your specific requirements. The standard board offers:Remote control and digital switching of sourcesInput buffer module Line out mo..


DIY Naim Servicing & DIY Audio Amplifier Kits

New phone number is 01889 560005

Amplifier Cases, Modules, fittings comprehensive kit of parts now available. 

  • Cases
  • Front plates
  • I/O 
  • Switches and mains inlet

Servicing Naim Equipment

Many people are now considering servicing their own Naim equipment. Lockdown fever!

We supply genuine parts to preserve the integrity of your Naim equipment. Including Sic Safco C039 "Felsic" capacitors, Sic Safco CO31"Promisic" capacitors and also the more recent Kemet parts.

With Naim Audio pre amplifiers it is best to tell us what cards are installed as there is no fail safe kit due to the number of permutations of internal cards fitted. A photo can be very helpful if you are not sure.

Most Olive Naim components we have specific service kits for (see the Service Kits page). 

Naim's classic range is also catered for on the service kits page as well.

Generally, as long as capacitor polarity is observed and you are competent soldering and de-soldering, the work is quite straight forward. 

Products catered for with a dedicated Naim service kit:

Naim NA555PS    Naim HiCap     Naim NAP135 Power Amplifier Service Kit    Naim SupeCap Service Kit    Naim NAP180 Service Kit

Naim NAP250 Service Kit    Naim XPS Service Kit


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