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PCM5102A DAC / Streamer

PCM5102A DAC / Streamer

Based around the Texas Instruments PCM5102A DAC chip, our DAC uses a Raspberry Pi as a media source running the excellent Volumio software. Digital communication is through I2S which has been purpose built to handle communication between digital..


Class A/B Power amplifier module

Class A/B Power amplifier module

Sharing a similar circuit design to the ubiquitous 70's RCA circuit adopted by Naim for their power amplifiers. This circuit board takes the design into the present day with SMT components and a fully complimentary output stage.Designed and built in ..


Nuvotem 600 V/A Audio Grade Toroidal Transformer

Nuvotem 600 V/A Audio Grade Toroidal Transformer

Audio grade specification with center tapped secondaries. Very high quality. No screen grid, but a substantial improvement over the Vigortronix transformers. Super annealed cores. Dimensions: 140 x 60, 5KG gross. Potted with M8 washer and bolt. ..


KEF LS50 Meta in Black

KEF LS50 Meta in Black

Brand new in unopened packaging. Superb loudspeakers. Guaranteed part exchange of £200 minimum against your old speakers.Please contact us for details. ..


DIY Naim Servicing & DIY Audio Amplifier Kits

New phone number is 01889 560005

Amplifier Modules for DIY Audio - Furlough Friendly!! 

We now have a range of components for the DIY fraternity. PCBs are ready built and we also have cases and other parts available for a thoroughly professional looking (and sounding) Hi-Fi. Please call for details if you cannot find the information you need.

We currently have a DAC, Pre Amplifier, Power Amplifier together with various PSUs, cases and transformers. In addition, we also have switches, mains IEC inlets, feet, spade connectors and so on. Eventually we will get these up on the website. 

Servicing Naim Equipment

Many people are now considering servicing their own Naim equipment. Lockdown fever!

We supply genuine parts to preserve the integrity of your Naim equipment. Including Sic Safco C039 "Felsic" capacitors, Sic Safco CO31"Promisic" capacitors and also the more recent Kemet parts.

With Naim Audio pre amplifiers it is best to tell us what cards are installed as there is no fail safe kit due to the number of permutations of internal cards fitted. A photo can be very helpful if you are not sure.

Most Olive Naim components we have specific service kits for (see the Service Kits page). 

Naim's classic range is also catered for on the service kits page as well.

Generally, as long as capacitor polarity is observed and you are competent soldering and de-soldering, the work is quite straight forward. 

Products catered for with a dedicated Naim service kit:

Naim NA555PS    Naim HiCap     Naim NAP135 Power Amplifier Service Kit    Naim SupeCap Service Kit    Naim NAP180 Service Kit

Naim NAP250 Service Kit    Naim XPS Service Kit


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