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Thinking of selling your old or used Hi Fi?

If you are thinking of a change or perhaps an upgrade with your hi fi we can offer you a number of options. We encourage part exchange especially. Our sister site Sell Your HiFi is dedicated to making the process as hassle free as possible. We have a simple to use SELL YOUR HI FI FORM which takes a few seconds to complete and send to us. We offer exceptionally competitive rates on part exchanges with people changing from Naim to Linn. Visit our Hi Fi Part Exchange Page


Our Stock

We have to admit that it is getting impossible to stay on top of both the website and eBay. So, going forward, all our stock will be listed on eBay. Our eBay account is in-tune-audio click to visit the eBay page. 

We will happily reduce the price of anything listed on eBay to account for the saving we make by not using PayPal and eBay. We accept debit and credit cards. Please call us on 01787 312080 for our best price. 

Naim Servicing

It's well know that Naim equipment benefits from regular servicing. We offer competitive servicing rates using carefully sourced components from suppliers that have detailed knowledge of the components that should be used.

Example servicing costs for Nim Audio Equipment (full details on the top right navigation button):

Naim NAP 250  - £225

Naim NAP 135  - £200 each

Naim NAP 180 - £150

Naim NAC52  - £225

Naim NAC82 - £199

Naim HiCap - £175

Suppliers of replacement capacitors for Naim Audio Equipment 

Fancy doing your own servicing? We sell a range of electronic components that are direct replacements for serving Naim Hi-Fi components. These can often be hard to find. Some examples are the Sic-Safco Promisic capacitors used in Naim pre-amplifiers, Kemet Tantalum capacitors, again used in Naim pre-amps, BHC (Kemet) power supply smoothing capacitors for Naim's XPS, NAP140, (ALC20A103DC040, ALC20A472CB040, ALT22A103CB040, ALT20A332BB040), Naim NAP250.2, NAP 300 (ALC10D1019DF063). We also sell the ever popular Kendeil capacitors (K01 063223) that replace the Felsic power supply smoothing capacitors used by Naim.   Visit "Olive & Black" for more detailed information on components and kits. 

Why we supply Kemet Capacitors

Kemet bought BHC in 2006, they use the same manufacturing process and tooling and are the same as the BHC products. You simply cannot buy BHC capacitors that are newly manufactured anymore. Any capacitors with a BHC logo on are likley to be at least 10 years old and thus obsolete. All our stock is manufactured in 2016. Capacitors age regardless of use, over time. It's vitally important that you fit new items, manufactured in the last year or so, otherwise you run the risk of premature component failure. 

Trade in Offer on Second Hand Naim CD Players & Streamers

We are offering a trade in incentive on Naim CD players for customers looking to buy a Linn DS or DSM products. We have had hugely positive feedback from people with traditional multi-box Naim hi-fi systems who have moved to Linn streaming solutions. Call us to discuss the benefits.

Naim CDS3 - £1,600 Naim CDX2 - £1,200
Naim CD5XS - £800 Naim CDS2 & XPS £1,400
Naim CD555 - £3,500* (head unit only) Naim XPS2 CD power supply - £1,200
Naim HDX - £1,500 Naim NDX - £1,800

Other models please ask. *On Akurate and Klimax level equipment only

Buy, Sell or Part exchange your Hifi - Full Dealer Facilities

InTune Audio is in it's third year of trading, (originally we called ourselves NaimlyLinn). Since we now stock a range of brands as well as Naim and Linn the name (Naim) has become less meaningful! We pride ourselves in offering a uniquely customer focussed service, combined with excellent choice and great facilities. Being able to offer a combination of new and used hi-fi to our customers increases choice and enables consumers to opt for more upmarket products with the peace of mind of knowing they are covered by our warranty. We firmly believe in offering our customers value and we will therefore consider "package" deals based on spend. Call us in the meantime if you are about to purchase and would like us to put together a package based on your spend and proposed system, we will strive to beat any legitimate deals out there! If you are considering selling your hifi please visit our dedicated site for pricing, details and how the process works (http://www.sellyourhifi.co.uk).

Selling your Second Hand Naim Hi-FI Equipment?

We are always interested in buying quality Naim Audio equipment. Anything from the "Chrome Bumper" era to current 500 series hi-fi. Visit the "selling your hi-fi" page to download our quotation form. We offer genuinely reasonable prices and take all the hassle out of selling your hi-fi equipment. On full systems we offer a collection service where we disassemble and  pack the system away for you, so you don't have to worry about couriers or loss in transit. We make payments using internet banking, which is an instant payment. So you have complete confidence that you have cleared funds before the hi-fi is released to us.

Second Hand Naim / Linn Stock - Just In

Naim NAC52 pre-amp x 2 both late models (POTS8). Naim SuperCap, Naim SuperLine, Naim NAP135 (Olive) power amplifiers, HiCap, Linn LP12

NAC52 pre amplifier, Supercap x 2, SNAXO, NBL, NAT01 & PSU, N DAC, HiCap 2, Headline, CD5, FlatCap, NAC282, NAP250/2, CDS2, XPS (Olive), NAC252, SuperCap2, NAP250/2, CDS3, NAPv145, NAP250

Naim NA CDS2, Naim NAC252, Naim NAP250.2, Linn LP12 (Sondek), Naim n DAC, Headline, Stageline, 

Naim HiCaps in Olive (5), just serviced, Naim NAC72, Naim NAP200, Naim Credo, Naim NAP135s (Olive)

Naim NAP500 Power Amp, Naim NAP300 power amp, Naim NAC552, Naim NAC82, Naim HiCap, Naim NAP250, Naim NAT02, Naim CDi, Naim NAP140, Naim NAC62, Naim SuperCap, Naim XPS,  Naim NAP135 monos x 4.

Naim NAC72, Naim NAP140, Linn Sondek / Ittok / Valhalla, Naim NAC552 & 552 PS - just serviced, NAC52, Linn Sara Isobarik speakers, Naim NAT01 and PSU, NAC32, NAP250, Naim NAP135s in Olive, Naim NAP250, Naim AV1, Naim CDS2 and CDPS, Linn LP12 / Lingo / Ekos / Arkiv